Mary’s Bed and Breakfast


让我想起 Mary’s Bed and Breakfast


从北卡来湾区,Mary 那里是第一站。



Mary 的家庭小旅店,很温馨。六十岁的她退休前做室内装修设计,那个家,所有的装饰都出自她自己的手。Mary个性非常开朗,充满活力。她带我去买东西,教我怎么“闯红灯”。







今天一直想着去Mary那里看看却也没去。家里还留有一个小碗,是当时带回Mary 给我的后来没养活几天的植物。






6 thoughts on “Mary’s Bed and Breakfast

    • 一直希望可以无抱怨地生活却也不常做得到,尤其是抱怨的是生活而不是具体的人,连目标也没有。像是一直在黑屋子里打拳看不到对手用不上劲儿也走不出去:)

      • 嗯,生活就是猫吃鱼,狗吃肉,奥特曼打小怪兽。



        • 呵呵,去查了一下什么是“奥特曼打小怪兽” :)

          嗯,生活,哭也过,笑也过,不管怎样,“一路打过去” 。

  1. There is something of the ancient Stoic philosophy
    in this acceptance of self
    even if it means rejection by the world.
    Plutarch (/Contentment/, Vol.10) points out
    that whatever may happen to a person is largely beyond that person’s control;
    but how he reacts to what happens is within his own power:
    “Fortune can infect a man with sickness,
    take his money away,
    malign him to his countrymen or a tyrant;
    but she cannot make a good and virile and high-spirited man
    a poltroon or mean-spirited or ignoble or envious.”
    And the most stoical of all the Stoics, Epictetus, declares that,
    “You can be unconquerable if you enter into no combat
    in which it is not in your own power to conquer”
    (/The Enchiridion/, Vol.10).


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